Buddy referral program:


Every time your refer a friend to SportsViet, after your friend finish his roll over, your’ll receive a FREE PLAY equal to 50% of his initial deposit.





Your buddy mentions you when he signs up, with your account number or name.

Your buddy makes his biggest deposit with his initial deposit. Your bonus will be based on it.




In order to be eligible to receive a Buddy Referral bonus, your friend MUST give your name or account number at the time of sign up.


To collect on your Buddy Referral bonus, your buddy must keep his money in his account at least 30 days and roll his money over 5x. This means: you can not collect on your Buddy Referral bonus if your friend does not keep his money in his account for 30 days, or if he does not roll his money over 5 times. The only way to collect on a Buddy Referral bonus early is if your buddy loses all his money before the 30 day period.

Your account MUST be active at the time your buddy signs up.


Management reserves the right to determine whether or not a Buddy Referral is legitimate. If management feels there is an act of fraud being committed, no Buddy Referral bonus will be honored. An initial deposit bonus may also be revoked as well. The referrer will no longer be allowed to submit buddy referrals, and may no longer be entitled to any bonus whatsoever.


Buddy Referral Bonuses are given upon request. After you are sure you are eligible for the Buddy Referral bonus, it is your responsibility to call in and request it.


Buddy Referral requests take 24-72 hours to process.


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